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Adobe hasn’t issued an announcement of this important change, but the native Windows 10 on ARM version of Photoshop is no longer in beta.

“As of May 2021, Photoshop now runs natively on 64-bit Windows 10 ARM Devices,” an Adobe support page that was first spotted by Windows Central reads. “Photoshop only runs in 64-bit operating systems, and the version of the Creative Cloud that you will need to install Photoshop is a 64-bit only application. Do not install Photoshop if you intend to continue to install 32-bit applications from Adobe.”

Adobe brought a beta version of Photoshop to Windows 10 on ARM back in November. Then, as now, there are some important missing features. The following features are not available natively on Windows 10 on ARM:

  • Import, Export, and playback of embedded video layers
  • Shake Reduction filter
  • Invite to Edit workflows are not supported.
  • Preset Syncing is not on by default
  • Windows Dial Support
  • Generator and related features
  • Opening or placing U3D files
  • Starting Photoshop from Lightroom ‘Edit In’ command
  • Oil Paint Filter
  • Spell Checking and hyphenation for Hebrew and Arabic languages
  • Plugin Marketplace panel

There are also several known issues with this release, which you can find on the Adobe support site.

As a reminder, Adobe did formally announce the Apple Silicon-native version of Photoshop for the new M1-based Macs back in March. But of course it did: Where Windows 10 on ARM is used by very few people, and certainly by a tiny percentage of creators who use Photoshop, Mac users are adopting M1-based products very quickly.

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