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Apple announced today that it is expanding the available games in Apple Arcade by adding older App Store games to the subscription. I think it’s fair to say that Apple Arcade hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, or, as Apple puts it…

“In its inaugural year, Apple Arcade won over media critics and fans for its creativity, diverse portfolio, and commitment to players’ privacy, providing a safe gaming service to enjoy with family and friends,” Apple vice president Matt Fischer says. “Today we’re launching our biggest expansion since the service debuted, now offering more than 180 great games that include new Arcade Originals, Timeless Classics, and App Store Greats.”

Those latter two categories—Timeless Classics, and App Store Greats—are new to the service.

Timeless Classics includes what Apple calls “universally loved, quintessential genres,” including such games as Good Sudoku by Zach Gage,” “Chess – Play & Learn,” and “Backgammon.” App Store Greats, meanwhile, brings some of the best award-winning games from the App Store to Apple Arcade, including “Threes!,” “Mini Metro,” and “Fruit Ninja Classic,” all without ads and fully unlocked.

With over 180 games, Apple Arcade is suddenly a lot less lackluster, and with a monthly cost of just $4.99, it’s certainly among the least expensive videogame subscription services.

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