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Back in June of 2020, B&O teased that they were working on a new gaming headset that was designed for the upcoming Xbox console. While the company has been silent about the product since it first unveiled it was working on the peripheral, that changes today.

The new Xbox headset from B&O is set to arrive in April and will set you back a substantial $499 – the same price as an Xbox Series X. And for the price, B&O is promising high-quality audio with Dolby Atmos for headphones, active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.1, a ‘virtual’ boom for a microphone, and a lightweight design that should make it easy to wear for long gaming sessions – and your session can last up to 12hrs on a single charge.

Along with the 40mm drivers, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack and you can connect it to your phone to adjust settings with the Beoplay app. The headset will connect wirelessly to the Xbox console and has all of the modern features you would expect out of a next-generation gaming headset.

But is it worth $500? That’s another question that is much harder to answer.

Sure, the lambskin-wrapped ear pads and bamboo textile to cover the headband are bespoke in the world of Xbox headsets but will gamers put down another $500 to not feel plastic when they put on their headset? I am sure that some may pay that price but the majority will not.

B&O is known for its quality audio profiles, so it comes as little surprise that their headset is pushing the boundaries of what gamers will pay for high-end gear. That being said, in the world of headphones, $500 isn’t too extreme; considering PC gamers can spend twice the price on a video card, maybe the company will find success with the peripheral.

The question is if console gamers will spend the big bucks for what is pitched as the best of the best headset. While we won’t know the answer for some time, there is a bit of precedence as Microsoft has proven that console gamers will spend more dollars for high-end gear with the Elite series of controllers.


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