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Microsoft will bring an Xbox Cloud Gaming feature called Clarity Boost to its Microsoft Edge web browser in the coming months.

“Xbox Cloud Gaming has partnered with Microsoft Edge to create an improved experience with optimizations available exclusively in the Microsoft Edge browser, providing the optimal look and feel while playing Xbox games from the cloud,” Microsoft’s Milena Gonzalez writes in the announcement post. “This feature uses a set of client-side scaling improvements to improve the visual quality of the video stream.”

If you’re not troubled by the term “available exclusively,” you should be: while Microsoft has brought many of Edge’s advancements to the Chromium core on which it is based, and thus to other Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi, this feature is designed to lock Windows users into Microsoft’s ecosystem. It will only be made available in Edge.

Those interested in testing Clarity Boost today can find it in the latest Canary builds of the web browser: Just browse to the Xbox Cloud Gaming website, open the More Actions (“…”) menu and enable the option “Enable Clarity Boost.”

That said, it’s not clear whether this will provide a better visual experience than when playing games in the Xbox app on Windows 10 or 11.

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