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Dropbox is revealing a brand new look for its service. It hasn’t been long since Dropbox redesigned its brand, and it’s now redesigning the app itself. With the latest redesign, the company is rethinking the way its service works, and focusing it around product management instead.

The new look for Dropbox puts it at the center of all your essential tools, including things like Microsoft Word, Slack, Trello, etc. The new design is based on the idea of folders, where you can have to-do lists, as well as regular files, see the activity within the folder, pin important files, include deadlines for certain projects, etc.

Dropbox’s new app also works better with third-party services, and that’s really one of the highlights of the major new redesign. You will now be able to create Office and Google documents right from the app itself, and you can choose to even edit those files via Office Online and the Google web editor. You can also now create shortcuts within folders so all your important tools and assets are quickly accessible. Other apps, like Slack, now work better and Dropbox even lets you share files directly to your Slack channels from within the app.

The search feature is also getting improved to work universally, meaning you can now use the one, single search bar to search across all your content. And that includes your regular files, cloud content, shortcuts, and even files that are only on the cloud and not actually stored on your computer.

Dropbox is going to start rolling out the new experience through an early access program for Windows and Mac users, and you can sign-up here.

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