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Google Chrome is expanding on the web browser’s password safety features by automatically fixing compromised passwords for you.

“Starting today, whenever Chrome detects a breach, it can fix any compromised passwords quickly, and safely,” Google’s Patrick Nepper writes. “Going forward, Chrome will help you change your passwords with a single tap.”

According to Google, whenever Chrome finds a password that may have been compromised, the Google Assistant will display a “Change password” button. When you tap this button, Chrome will not only navigate to the site, but also go through the entire process of changing your password for you. This process apparently works only on “supported” websites, but it’s not clear what that means: But Google says that if a site isn’t supported yet, Chrome’s password manager can always help you create strong and unique passwords for any account.

The new feature is based on Google Duplex, which uses Google Assistant to help users complete tasks on the web, like buying movie tickets, ordering food, and checking in to flights.

Automated password changes are rolling out gradually in Chrome on Android, Google says, and it’s available in the U.S. only for now. The feature will become available on more sites and more countries in the coming months. (And I assume it will come to other platforms as well.)

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