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Google has lowered the prices of its Google Fi Unlimited plans and has made improvements to all Fi plans, including the non-Unlimited plans.

“Your family’s phone plan should be safe, seamless, and offer great value, no matter what your data and budget needs are,” Google’s Dhwani Shah explains. “That’s why today, we’re announcing reduced pricing for our unlimited phone plans and feature updates to all our phone plans to give you even more value.”

Google Fi offers three main plans—Flexible, Simply Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus—each of which can serve one to six people at reduced per user per month prices. Each gets unlimited calls and texts, no contracts or activation fees, and a built-in VPN and spam blocking. And where the Flexible has pay-as-you-go pricing, the other two are unlimited with a specific set of features: unlimited data in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, hotspot tethering (5 GB per month for Simply Unlimited, unlimited for Unlimited Plus), and so on. And Unlimited Plus, as you might expect, has several unique features over Simply Unlimited, like data SIM access for additional devices and 100 GB of Google One storage.

So. What changed?

The Flexible plan, which costs $20 per month for one user plus $10 for each GB of data used, now offers unlimited calling within Canada and Mexico at no extra cost.

The Simply Unlimited plan is now $5 to $10 cheaper per line per month, depending on how many lines you have. For a single user, the price has decreased from $60 per month to $50. And for four or more lines, it’s gone down from $30 per line per month to $20. Simply Unlimited customers are also getting more data—35 GB per month, up from 22—and 5 GB of hotspot tethering (previously 0). And as with Flexible, they’re getting unlimited calling within Canada and Mexico at no extra cost.

The Unlimited Plus plans are also seeing price reductions, in this case of $5 per month: a single line is now $65 per line per month, down from $70. They’re also getting the same data bump from 22 GB to 35 GB per month and the same unlimited calling within Canada and Mexico.

To celebrate these improvements, Google is also hosting a sale of up to $500 on select Fi-compatible handsets, or you can get a $100 Fi bill credit if you bring your own phone. You can learn more on the Google Fi website.

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