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Google will release Chrome 93 later today, but for now, the online giant is highlighting some probable future features, now available in the Beta channel.

“When we work on new features for Chrome, we rely on feedback from the millions of people who use it every day,” Google’s Chris Nguyen explains. “Hearing from people helps us build better features for them. And test builds, like Beta channel of Chrome, are some of the best ways for us to get input on new features, so we can fine-tune them before they are released.”

The following features are available in the Chrome Beta channel via flags or experiments.

Cards on the New Tab page. Google is adding cards to the New Tab page that will help you pick up where you left off based on your browsing history. By enabling the #ntp-modules flag, you can access cards for recipes, shopping carts, and docs, which are documents you’re working on in Google Drive.

Continuous search. To help in that common instance where you search for something, check out a link, and then have to go back to the initial search results page, Google is experimenting with adding a row under the address bar (in Chrome for Android only for now) that shows the rest of the search results so you can keep checking out results without having to go back. To see this, enable the #continuous-search flag in Chrome Beta for Android.

Share with web notes. This new experiment, also only in Chrome for Android, lets you create quote cards with a stylized image by long-pressing on selected text, choosing Share, and then tapping “Create card” from the menu that appears. Just enable the #webnotes-stylize flag.

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