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It’s the technology that just won’t die, and for good reason: It works. So now Chrome is going to surface RSS feeds on websites to make it easier to follow them.

“In the coming weeks, some Android users in the US on Chrome Canary may see an experimental Follow feature designed to help people get the latest content from sites they follow,” the Chromium Blog revealed today. “Our goal for this feature is to allow people to follow the websites they care about, from the large publishers to the small neighborhood blogs, by tapping a Follow button in Chrome. When websites publish content, users can see updates from sites they have followed in a new Following section on the New Tab page.”

This is a great idea. For some reason, many websites, including, cough, many of Microsoft’s websites, support RSS, but they don’t provide any visible UI to help users get to the underlying feed. With this new Follow feature, Chrome will provide a visual button when there’s an RSS feed available, whether it’s visible to users or not.

Ironically, Google probably helped contribute to this problem when it killed Google Reader for reasons that still make zero sense to me. But now they have a “vision” to “help people build a direct connection with their favorite publishers and creators on the web.” Great idea. It was a great idea ten years ago, too.

Maybe Microsoft Edge will get this feature too, since it’s built on Chromium. Let’s cross our fingers.

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