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Microsoft today announced the immediate availability of a new “My Day” pane to Outlook.com and Outlook on the Web. Or, as Microsoft calls these two different products collectively, “Outlook Web.”

“Context switching comes with a loss of efficiency,” Microsoft’s Sheetal Sethi explains. “Every time you move between your emails, calendar, and tasks, you lose productive time returning back to where you were. In order to help you be more productive and save your time, we’re bringing you a side-by-side view of your mail, calendar, and tasks in Outlook Web as you navigate through your work.”

The My Day pane is accessible via a new My Day button in the Outlook.com and Outlook on the Web toolbar, and it features two tabs, Calendar and To Do, which of course display the relevant data from those parts of your account. The idea is that you can keep track of things you need to do during the day while viewing your email in the main part of the browser window.

Additionally, you can drag emails—or selected text in an email message—into the My Day pane to create new events in calendar or new tasks in To Do, and you can do so without having to switch between multiple tabs or windows. You can also use My Day to block out time in your calendar to accomplish tasks. To do so, open the calendar view and then drag and drop a task from My Day onto your calendar.

The My Day pane is also available from Office.com, Microsoft notes.

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