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Microsoft announced the global rollout of Reading Progress, a new Microsoft Teams app, today. It allows students to independently read aloud, record themselves, and improve their reading skills while helping educators to better support their students’ progress.

“Reading Progress is a free tool designed to support educators in creating personalized reading experiences that build confidence and reading fluency in their students,” Microsoft’s Mike Tholfsen writes in the announcement post. “Built into Assignments in Teams, Reading Progress passages are easy to create and differentiate for impactful instruction. Starting today, Reading Progress is beginning [the] global rollout! Expect about two weeks for this tool to be available everywhere.”

Reading Progress is localized in over 100 languages. It lets students record themselves while reading aloud using either audio and/or video, and because this can be done in whatever location they prefer, it helps to remove any stigma, stress, or distraction that might be otherwise associated with reading out loud, Microsoft says.

The app integrates with the Teams Education Insights dashboard so that educators can review recorded assignments and provide feedback after they’re submitted. Educators can also use an auto-detect feature to review errors including mispronunciations, repetitions, phrasing, intonation, and omissions.

You can learn more about this new Teams app from the Microsoft website.

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