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Yesterday, Microsoft began rolling out Microsoft Edge 92, the latest version of its web browser, with a few minor but important updates. Key among them is yet another enhancement to password management.

“It’s not always obvious what makes a strong password and sometimes, in a rush, we default to passwords we’ve used before,” Microsoft corporate vice president Liat Ben-Zur writes. “That’s why I’m so excited to announce the password health dashboard. Microsoft Edge will now tell me whether the password I’ve saved is strong enough, and it will also indicate whether I’ve used that password across other sites.”

The password health dashboard can be found in Edge settings by navigating to Profiles > Passwords > Saved passwords. There, you will see a new Health column that displays the relative health of each saved password. A red bang indicates that the password has leaked online and should be changed immediately. Or you will see a graphical rating of 1-3, ranging from Weak and reused (1) to Weak (2) to No known vulnerability (e.g. “strong,” or 3).

Ben-Zur also noted that Edge will “soon” have a feature I’ve been using for several months: The ability, on mobile devices, to use the browser’s saved and synced passwords to sign into apps.

“Microsoft Edge on mobile will make it easy to take my saved login information from my browser and use it to log into the apps I use on my phone like Instagram, Pinterest and more,” he writes. I guess the distinction between this and what I’m doing is that I’m syncing my passwords on mobile through Microsoft Authenticator, but it’s the same set of passwords that you get in Edge. So I suppose this is a second way of doing the same thing.

There are a few other small changes, including a way to save web captures to a collection, and the ability to react to items in the news and content feed on the default New Tab page.

And while this has nothing to do with Edge 92, Ben-Zur also highlights the preview release of a new Microsoft Outlook extension for Microsoft Edge. This extension adds an Outlook icon to the Edge toolbar that lets you quickly read recent emails, check your calendar, add a task, look up a contact’s phone number, and more. It works with Outlook.com (consumer) or Outlook on the web (commercial), but it only supports a single account.

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