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Two weeks after it landed in the Beta channel, Microsoft has released Edge version 100 to Stable, making it available to all users.

There are several new features, none major:

Lightweight PDF preview. When you open a PDF file from File Explorer or Microsoft Outlook, a lightweight new and Edge-based PDF preview will be used.

Three-digit version string. With the move to version 100, Edge (like other Chromium-based browsers) will present itself to websites and apps using a three-digit version number for the first time. Microsoft began testing Edge against this in early 2021, and while most things should work normally, it’s possible that the shift will trigger some issues. If so, you can the #force-major-version-to-minor flag in edge://flags to artificially change the version number to 99.

Improved Microsoft 365 compatibility. Trust Microsoft cloud storage services will now launch certain Microsoft 365 desktop applications automatically when you open files from SharePoint and OneDrive. Admins can use policies to manage this behavior.

Security improvements. Among other security improvements, Edge 100 offers more fine-grained protection against memory corruption vulnerabilities via hardware-enforced Stack Protection on Windows 8 and newer.

Support for digitally signed PDF files. Admins can configure to new PDFSecureMode policy that enables Edge to support digital signatures in PDF files without requiring an add-in.

Google has released Chrome version 100—and Chrome OS version 100—too, of course.

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