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Microsoft and Google are now joining with other web browser makers to improve compatibility and interoperability. The new effort, called Interop 2022, is a continuation and expansion of last year’s Compat 2021 efforts.

“Last year, the Compat 2021 effort made tangible progress on improving five of the top pain points for web developers. Microsoft, in collaboration with Google and Igalia, contributed a rewrite of the CSS Grid module in Blink, along with bug fixes for CSS Transforms,” Microsoft’s Daniel Libby explains. “This year, Microsoft is again pleased to announce its participation in the more aptly named Interop 2022 effort.”

Interop 2022 will focus on fifteen top areas of interoperability, 10 of which are new to this year: Cascade Layers, Color Spaces and Functions, Containment, Dialog Element, Forms, Scrolling, Typography and Encodings, Viewport Units, and Web Compat. These are in addition to the five areas—Aspect Ratio, Flexbox, Grid, Sticky Positioning, and Transforms—from last year.

But Microsoft says it is primarily focused on shipping CSS Subgrid support, which I assume is just part of one of those core areas (since it’s not on the list).

You can learn more about Interop 2022 and the progress that each major browser is making on the Interop 2022 dashboard.

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