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Microsoft revealed this week that it will no longer support OneDrive on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 starting on March 1, 2022.

“In order to focus resources on new technologies and operating systems, and to provide users with the most up-to-date and secure experience, beginning January 1, 2022, updates will no longer be provided for the OneDrive desktop application on your personal Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 devices,” Microsoft’s Ankita Kirti writes in the announcement post. “Personal OneDrive desktop applications running on these operating systems will stop syncing to the cloud on March 1, 2022. [And] after March 1, 2022, your personal files will no longer sync.”

Microsoft naturally recommends that OneDrive users who need local access upgrade their PC to Windows 10 or Windows 11. If for some reason your PC doesn’t support these newer Windows versions, you can continue accessing OneDrive via its web interface.

These dates apply to both OneDrive for consumers and OneDrive for Business.

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