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Xbox Mini Fridge that you can soon buy – Image Credit: Microsoft

A few weeks back, team Xbox shared a mini Xbox-branded refrigerator that, as you could imagine, everyone wanted to buy one – myself included. Sprinkle in a Twitter poll and a bunch of votes later and you will soon be able to buy one but we don’t know all the details yet.

How this played out is that Twitter marketing was running a ‘March Madness’ style bracket of brands who use Twitter and the finals came down to Xbox vs Skittles. Both brands are popular on Twitter and so began the battle to get the most votes: it was a simple 1 vote per user and the brand with the most votes would win after 24hrs.

Skittles was offering up to bring back the lime flavor for green but Xbox was primarily using their large follower count to boost their votes but after nearly 200k votes, the score was tied.

Because I want an Xbox mini-fridge and at that time, Microsoft had not publicly stated plans to bring it to market, I tweeted at Aaron Greenberg that Microsoft should push back against Skittles’ offer of a lime green flavoring with an offer to officially sell the Xbox mini-fridges if they won.

Greenberg responded a few minutes later with “challenge accepted” and not long after made it official that Microsoft would build the mini-fridges if they won the poll.

Fast forward to this morning and Xbox was able to secure the win by a very slim margin of votes but a win is a win and thus, Xbox will offer the fridges for sale sometime in the future – we don’t have a timeline for release quite yet.

Now, when this all transpired, it was my assumption that Microsoft was going to offer the mini-fridges for sale because of how quickly this all come together on Twitter last night. You typically do not commit to putting something into production without some legwork to get it approved, funding aligned, and all the other business aspects that must occur before making such an announcement, but I was wrong.

After Xbox won the poll, Greenberg confirmed that it was my tweet (above) that got the ball rolling on making this a reality. So when you are taking a cold drink out of your upcoming mini-fridge, think of me…or don’t, but either way, a fun story to share.

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