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Microsoft has updated its OneDrive sync client for macOS this week to address some complaints regarding the new Files On-Demand experience that was introduced last month. The previous update aimed to better integrate OneDrive with macOS, but some users have been confused by the conflicting icons for locally available files.

“We’re rolling out a change in version 22.033, to change the behavior to improve how OneDrive surfaces locally available content. The cloud with a down arrow will not be present on that content, thus, removing confusion on whether content is available offline or requires Internet connection to access,” the OneDrive team explained yesterday.

As a result of this change, the OneDrive Files On-Demand experience will work as it did before the January update: When choosing the “Always Keep on This Device” option for OneDrive files, a checkmark will appear next to these files, and the confusing “not downloaded” cloud icon will disappear. All locally available files will also be able to be indexed by macOS features such as Spotlight and Time Machine.

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This new Files On-Demand experience currently doesn’t support OneDrive files that are being synced to an external drive, though Microsoft is working on it. “External drive support is limited by the File Provider platform. We will continue to partner with Apple on addressing feedback related to the platform in a future version of macOS,” the OneDrive team explained.

Also new with this OneDrive for macOS update are two new Files On-Demand options in Preferences window: The “Download all OneDrive files now” option will always keep all files and folders on a Mac, while the “Download files as you use them” option will restore the default Files On-Demand experience.

If you have an Apple Silicon Mac, a native OneDrive sync client has been released in public preview back in December, but it’s not ready to roll out to all Mac users just yet. A native sync client for Windows on ARM devices is also available in public preview, and you can get more information about how to get these apps on this page.

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