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Microsoft has been testing its modern Outlook.com experience for a while. The new experience first started off as a beta for regular users, and Microsoft later rolled the new experience out to all users earlier this year. And now, it’s getting ready to bring the new experience to all organisations.

Microsoft’s been testing the update with organisations by letting them opt-in for the new experience. The test has been going on for around 8 months, and Microsoft is finally getting ready to roll it out to all organisations.

Starting at the end of this month, Targeted Release users will have the new experience by default, without having to opt-in for the new experience. Microsoft will then continue the rollout to make the new experience available to other organisations slowly by removing the opt-in experience.

Microsoft’s highlighted a bunch of the new features that are part of the new Outlook.com experience, including things like the new dark mode, all the new calendar-related features, and the search features. You can get a full breakdown of the new features here.

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