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There’s some more bad news for Google Stadia this week: Product lead John Justice has left Google, followed by six other Stadia employees.

“We can confirm John is no longer with Google and we wish him well on his next step,” Google confirmed when asked about Mr. Justice.

Since then, however, it’s come to light that Justice isn’t the only Stadia employee leaving Google. According to reports, six other Stadia staffers have left as well, each of whom has ended up at Haven Studios, the new company by former Stadia VP Jade Raymond. So the plot thickens.

Stadia, of course, has been under a lot of scrutiny since February, when Google revealed that it would halt all work on internal exclusives for Stadia and would focus the gaming service solely on third-party games. My take on this move was mixed and still is. I think Stadia is a fine service and is, in fact, in much better shape than Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming. But Google does have its reputation for killing products and services for a reason. So Stadia’s fate remains unclear. And this week’s news certainly doesn’t help.

Haven Studios is creating an original game for PlayStation after an investment from, wait for it, Sony.

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