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Mozilla Firefox 90 supports background updating, HTTPS-only exceptions, Print to PDF improvements, and private browsing improvements.

Here’s a rundown of the new features and changes.

Background updating. This Windows-only feature checks for, downloads, and installs updates in the background automatically when Firefox is not running. By default, it will check for updates every 7 hours. But it’s rolling out gradually, so you may not see it immediately. And once the feature does arrive, you need to enable it by navigating to the Firefox menu > Settings > General > Firefox Updates and selecting Automatically install updates (recommended). Then, check the box next to “When Firefox is not running to enable or disable the feature.” Check out this post if you want to proactively enable this feature before it’s available in your Firefox.

HTTPS-Only exceptions. Mozilla added HTTPS-Only mode to Firefox with version 83, which is undeniably useful. But in version 90, you can now add exceptions to disable this feature for particular websites that won’t work properly in HTTPS.

Print to PDF improvements. Print to PDF now produces clickable hyperlinks.

SmartBlock 2.0. Firefox 90 includes SmartBlock 2.0, the latest version of Mozilla’s advanced tracker blocking feature in Firefox Private Browsing and Strict Mode. SmartBlock 2.0 adds support for third-party Facebook login buttons while continuing to block Facebook tracking scripts.

There are also various security fixes in Firefox 90 and a few changes related to opening images in new tabs and the software-based WebRender, and FTP support was removed from the browser. You can download Firefox 90 from the Firefox website.

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