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FPS Boost Games- Image Credit, Microsoft

One of the hallmark features of the Xbox platform is the ability to play older titles on new hardware. Backwards compatibility has been around since the Xbox 360 but with the latest generation of hardware, Microsoft is taking it a step further.

The company has been pushing out new features like Auto-HDR and FPS boost to enhance older games and today, they are adding many more titles to the ‘supported’ list for FPS boost; 74 more games to be precise. This means that there are now nearly 100 games that support FPS Boost and if you want to see all the titles, you can find them here.

As of today, there are 97 titles that support this feature, ranging from Bethesda games to EA and many older titles as well. The goal of FPS boost and Auto-HDR is to make older titles feel new again and considering that this is a ‘free’ upgrade for the games, it’s hard to complain.

While I don’t necessarily believe that consumers will go out and buy an Xbox explicitly for the backwards compatibility enhancements, I do believe that this could be one more feature that help push consumers towards the console.

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