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Nintendo reported its latest quarterly earnings and for perhaps the first time, the news wasn’t particularly good for the Switch. The firm’s operating profit and revenues both declined in the quarter.

“Hardware sales totaled 4.45 million units,” Nintendo noted of the Switch in its earnings report reads. “Hardware and software sales in the first quarter of last fiscal year were substantially driven by the March 2020 release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so compared to then, hardware sales were down 21.7 percent and software sales were down 10.2 percent year-on-year.”

Nintendo earned an operating profit of $1.1 billion on revenues of $2.94 billion for the quarter ending June 30. Both are declines—of 17 percent and 10 percent, respectively—compared to the same quarter one year ago. The firm sold 4.45 million Switch consoles, a decline of 21.7 percent year-over-year (YOY). Software sales were 45.29 million units.

Nintendo expects another uptick in Switch and software sales in this and the coming quarter, thanks to the launch of a new hardware model with a bigger OLED display and some big software releases.

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