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This week, Microsoft sent out invites to let a small set of users play Xbox content on your iPhone and in your browser. If you are curious what the browser experience looks like, you can find that here, but for iOS users, there wait has been long but it is nearly over.

As of today, there are only a limited number of users who are able to access the iOS iteration of Xbox cloud gaming but unlike the browser, the experience is slightly different. Seeing as Apple won’t let the app in its store without Microsoft jumping through many hoops, to access the service, you go to Xbox.com/play, and from there, you can add an icon to your home screen and access the streaming service.

Along with using the Xbox cloud gaming service, I am also using a BackBone which is the peripheral you see in the video below; a review of the device coming next week.

If you don’t want to watch the video, the short version is that much like the browser, single-player titles are much better than multiplayer. That’s to be expected and hopefully, Microsoft will find a way to close the gap on the last 10% but for now, there is still room for improvement but early impressions are encouraging.

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