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Microsoft announced that a preview version of Project Moca, which may be called Outlook Spaces, is now available in Outlook on the web and in Outlook.com.

“We are introducing the preview of Project Moca in Outlook on the web,” Microsoft’s Lydia Utkin writes. “With Project Moca, you can simplify your workflow so you can focus on what matters. Add tasks, goals, notes, files from OneDrive and other cloud storage providers, links, contacts, and even emails and events, all into one dynamic space. Each space has a flexible canvas so you can customize and view your content your way.”

Based on the screenshots, Project Moca looks like a cross between Sticky Notes and Pinterest. It features a grid of colorful tiles—with rounded corners, of course—each of which contains its own content and content types. Those tiles can contain buckets, notes, files, links, tasks, goals, or the weather. It integrates with tasks across Outlook, Microsoft To Do, and Teams; Office documents of all kinds; Sticky Notes; Outlook-based emails and events; and more.

“With Project Moca, you can keep things organized, simplify your workflow, and find what you need quickly without worrying about details scattered across multiple apps,” Utkin adds, “so you can stay focused on what matters.”

The Project Moca preview is available now for Microsoft 365 consumer subscribers, commercial customers, and educational customers, but it is disabled by default. You can locate Project Moca in Outlook on the Web (or Outlook.com) by using the module switcher; it’s available alongside email, calendar, people, files, and To Do.

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