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Microsoft announced today that the Show Changes feature is now generally available in Excel for the web.

“Show Changes in Excel revolutionizes the collaboration experience for one main reason: if you pour days and detail into the perfect Excel workbook, you may hesitate before sharing editing permissions with others,” Microsoft’s Sanjay Bhat writes. “And you can’t have collaboration without sharing. Now, with Show Changes, you have the ‘safety net’ of knowing that any changes done by others are being tracked for the entire workbook down to a single cell.”

Show Changes appears as a pane in Excel and it lets you see the changes that were made by any contributor dating back 60 days.

“You can see details about who changed what, where, and when, along with the previous value of the cell for quick reversion, if needed,” Bhat adds. “So if someone accidentally overwrites your formula, you can easily catch it and fix it.  You can even see bulk edits – edits made to a whole row or range of cells at the same time – within a card in the Show Changes pane.

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