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The Nintendo Switch Has Upended the Video Game Market

As part of its quarterly earnings report, Nintendo revealed that it has now sold over 103.5 million Switch consoles, making it the best-selling Nintendo console of all time.

“During the nine months [ending] December 31, 2021, all three Switch models sold well while maintaining a good sales balance,” a dryly worded Nintendo filing reads. “We will continue to convey the appeal of the three models and work to further expand the install base.”

Nintendo sold 10.7 million Switch consoles in the fourth quarter of 2021, bringing the lifetime total to 103.54 million units shipped, surpassing the Nintendo Wii’s 101.63 million units. That represents an 8 percent decline when compared to the same quarter one year ago. But still three times the number of consoles that Sony was able to sell in the same time period.

Like Sony, however, Nintendo is revising its console sales estimates for the current fiscal year downward, in this case by 1 million units to a total of 23 million units. That’s a relatively minor change, and it suggests that Nintendo isn’t as impacted by the supply crisis as are companies that needed more expensive and higher-end components.

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