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Last week, Microsoft opened up the doors to Xbox cloud gaming on iOS and the PC browser. While those end-points are supported ways to use the service, with browser support now natively available, we can push the boundaries of where we can access the content.

You could go all-inception-like by accessing Xbox cloud gaming from the browser on your Xbox so that you can play Xbox while on your Xbox. Or, in my scenario, you can access Xbox cloud gaming in your car and play it that way.

You can watch the video below as that does a better explanation of how I was able to get this full-screen experience in the car and while it is technically possible, it is far from optimal. Using BetterTeslaTheater, you can make the content full screen and have the audio route through the speakers in your car, and I was also able to use an Xbox controller. It is worth pointing out that this should work in any car or endpoint that has a browser, mine happens to be a Model Y.

Even though I mentioned it several times in the video, you should never attempt to do this while the car is in drive; I recorded this video while sitting in my driveway. I also intentionally made the title ‘to the road’ instead of ‘on the road’ as that would imply I was driving.

As you would expect, this is not something that I would recommend for anyone trying to do serious gaming – it’s a novelty for now. That being said, it does show you the possibilities with cloud gaming now that it can run in the browser.

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