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Vivaldi has released new versions of its desktop and Android web browsers. Both include a new feature called Cookie Crumbler that dramatically reduces annoying cookie dialogs and banners.

“For many of you, incessant cookie dialogs and banners are the new scourge of smooth browsing,” Vivaldi’s Jon von Tetzchner writes. “While the purpose of the EU’s GDPR to protect users from tracking websites is noble, it has its side effects. Instead of avoiding using trackers and tracking ads, many websites bother users to manage their cookie preferences before allowing access to the content they came to see.”

To combat this problem, Vivaldi’s new Cookie Crumbler blocks the most annoying cookie-related dialogs. It’s exposed via a new option in the browser’s built-in Ad and Tracker Blocker: Just enable “Remove cookie warnings.” Vivaldi notes that the feature is based on two regularly updated third-party block lists, EasyList Cookie List and I Don’t Care About Cookies. And while it’s not perfect, it should work properly with most websites.

Vivaldi 3.8 for desktop also includes the recently-announced FLoC blocker, improved bookmarks, and a nice redesign of the browser’s Panels feature, which provides access to tools like Bookmarks, Downloads, Notes, History, Window Panel, and Web Panels.

Vivaldi 3.8 for Android also includes a new Language Switcher, and it lets you bring back the Start Page button to the default toolbar if you miss having it.

You can download Vivaldi for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the Vivaldi website.

You can download Vivaldi 3.8 for Android from the Google Play Store.

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