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Xbox One S Review

Not sure why this is news per se, but Microsoft confirmed this week that it stopped making Xbox One consoles over a year ago.

More specifically, we already knew that Microsoft had stopped manufacturing the Xbox One X and Xbox One S All Digital Edition when it introduced the Xbox Series X|S in November 2020. But now we know that it also stopped making the standard Xbox One S around that time as well.

“To focus on the production of Xbox Series X|S, we stopped production for all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020,” Xbox senior director Cindy Walker told The Verge.

One assumes that that publication asked because Sony recently said that it would continue making its previous-generation PlayStation 4 console through the end of 2022 to make up for limited PlayStation 5 availability. But Microsoft is meeting Xbox Series X|S demand by making more of the less expensive Xbox Series S console; as Phil Spencer explained, Microsoft “can actually build more of the Series S in the same die space [that] we can the Series X.”

As you were.

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