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YouTube is adding new filtering options on mobile to make it easier to find Live VODs and YouTube Shorts on a channel. Currently, the YouTube mobile apps only let users sort videos by popularity or date of publication, making it difficult to access the different types of videos available on a specific channel. 

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer tweeted yesterday that the new shortcuts for accessing YouTube Shorts and Live VODs are now rolling out on all channel pages on mobile. The exec also said that the “sort by oldest” option was going away as it’s “not used a lot and it wasn’t available everywhere on YouTube.”

YouTube Shorts, the TikTok-inspired video format that YouTube launched globally last year is now front and center in the YouTube mobile apps. The bottom navigation bar provides access to a TikTok-style algorithmic feed for YouTube Shorts, though the process for checking Shorts videos posted on a specific YouTube channel has been far from seamless. Until now, Shorts videos were buried at the bottom of the “Home” page of a channel, and they were completely missing from the “Videos” tab.

YouTube says that its new Shorts format has been gaining momentum, with the platform announcing 5 trillion all-time views on Shorts back in January. However, a recent study revealed that many Shorts videos published on YouTube were actually pirated TikTok videos reposted by scammers.

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